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30 September–1 October 2014, St. Petersburg

Мероприятие завершено

Jointly with IPX RUSSIA (International Paper Exhibition)

The International Conference and Exhibition of advanced technologies and equipment for biofuel production and combustion BIOENERGY RUSSIA is held jointly with the International Exhibition of Technologies and Equipment for Pulp and Paper Industry IPX RUSSIA (International Paper Exhibition)

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  • Biofuel (wood chips, wooden pellets, briquettes, charcoal) sources
  • Machines for wood chopping and splitting, wood chips production
  • Technologies and equipment for wood waste grinding, biomass granulation, pelleting and briquetting
  • Mini-plants for fuel pellets production
  • Small boilers and furnaces
  • Boiler houses, boilers, fire-boxes and other solid fuel equipment
  • Industrial boilers for forestry enterprises
  • Co-generation energy units with fuel elements
  • Biofuel torrefaction technologies
  • Composite biofuel
  • Combined heat and power production
  • Solid fuel packaging technologies and equipment
  • Wood ash
  • Warehousing and storage systems
  • Depots
  • Tower silos
  • Weighing equipment
  • Central heating systems
  • Management and monitoring systems
  • Fire-protection systems
  • Transport and logistics
  • Transportation of inflammable cargo
  • Consulting, marketing and engineering services


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